On Site Fuel Delivery

Bulk contracts allow you to have fuel delivered on a consistent basis, at a steady price. They reduce the number of issues you have to deal with as well.

Save Time

You show up to work and your fleet is fueled and ready to go to work. Drivers don’t need to spend time fueling up their vehicles at gas stations; they can go straight to work. The job gets done faster, for less money, and your workers get to spend more time working than refueling.

Save Money

Think about the cost of driving a vehicle to a gas station and filling up. You need to pay your driver for the time to get to the station, pay for the fuel, and pay for their normal drive time. You also need to pay for any extra miles on the vehicle. These costs can sometimes be minimal. But, spread across your entire fleet over the course of a year, they can magnify into thousands of dollars. On-site fuel management and delivery allow you to purchase fuel in bulk from a supplier. This shields your company from uncertainties in day-to-day operations and in the market.

Reduce Maintenance

On-site refueling and delivery can help you save on maintenance costs for your fleet because it acquires fewer miles. This means less wear and tear on your vehicles and reduced maintenance costs.

Reduce Loss

No one ever thinks their employees are stealing from them. However, crime is a combination of motive and opportunity. If one or the other is present, it can be enough for a crime to be committed. Most of your people would never dream about stealing fuel from your company if it is on-site. But, if they have a company card and are out in the field, the temptation is greater because there is less oversight and the opportunity is much easier.

To prevent theft from happening, it can be helpful to eliminate free-fueling and provide on-site fuel instead. You can control when your team refuels and how much they use. You can also track your fuel usage with on-site management and see if you have leaks.

The benefits of on-site fuel delivery

  • First, fuel delivery is customizable. You tell your supplier what you need when you need it, and how it is to be delivered. They will take care of the rest.
  • Second, you can know that you are buying high-quality fuel. Bulk suppliers purchase their fuel from the same sources, which ensures quality and consistency.
  • Finally, fuel delivery offers you convenience. Bulk contracts allow you to have fuel delivered on a consistent basis, at a steady price. They reduce the number of issues you have to deal with as well.
Core Power Premium

Core Power Premium

Technical analysis detailing performance improvement characteristics of Core Power Premium detergent with advanced chemistry that keeps the fuel fresh to use for up to two years.

The new fuel storage problem

The new fuel storage problem

One issue that is directly affecting our industry is increasing inventories, coupled with rapidly decreasing demand. The national “stay in place” policy has reduced fuel consumption significantly, and now many of us have fuel tanks that are not turning over as...