In today’s changing markets and fast paced world, the demands of a reliable supply and distribution of fuel is a top priority to keep your business running. Fuel is one of the cornerstones of your operation, so at Fleet Core Inc. we make your needs our top priority.
Fleet Core Inc. assists our clients through the complex logistics of maintaining a fuel supply. To achieve this, we work closely with our partners and suppliers establishing concrete relationships and enabling us to offer quality products at affordable pricing. Additionally, we aim to establish the same quality partnerships with our clients to bring forward the best services and products to fulfill business needs at an economical price point. This means you are able to stay competitive in your industry and keep your business running.

We realize that there are many choices for your fuel needs but here at Fleet Core, we believe the right partners, working together towards common goals will yield the greatest results. If you would like to schedule a comprehensive review, please contact us through the website or over the phone and a Fleet Core Representative will gladly assist you to determine the fuel program that best fits your needs.


Fleet Core Inc. offers an extensive lineup of fuels, fuel treatments and additives as well a full suite of world class services. We stand behind every one of our quality products and services.

  • Diesel Fuel
  • Gasoline
  • Fuel Additives

Associated Services

  • Remote Tank Monitoring
  • Fuel and Oil Analysis
  • Contamination Control Programs
  • Equipment and Fluid Testing
Core Power Premium

Core Power Premium

Technical analysis detailing performance improvement characteristics of Core Power Premium detergent with advanced chemistry that keeps the fuel fresh to use for up to two years.

The new fuel storage problem

The new fuel storage problem

One issue that is directly affecting our industry is increasing inventories, coupled with rapidly decreasing demand. The national “stay in place” policy has reduced fuel consumption significantly, and now many of us have fuel tanks that are not turning over as...