Fuel Up Power Up

Never run out of fuel or power

You are always prepared with MyFleetCore.com

Don’t allow your emergency backup generator to become the emergency.

Work with Fleet Core to develop a preventative maintenance program of year-round power generator fueling and testing.

Ensure your business remains up and running during our severe Colorado weather and unplanned power outages.

Dependable Power Generation Unite Fueling

  •  Commercial/Industrial
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Healthcare
  • Data Centers
  • Telecom
  • Mobile Commercial
  • Rental
  • Small Business

Never worry about the things that make your business run smoothly and dependably.

That’s our job.

Fleet Core Inc. goes beyond the quality products that it provides with a suite of services that reduce our customer’s downtime and financial rist.

  • On time, dependable fuel and lube delivery
  • On-site storage, handling equipment and training
  • Oil and fluid recovery solutions
  • Remote tank monitoring, oil and fuel analsis

With a view of your fule levels and history. Fleet Core Inc. can manage the timing of your orders and deliveries.

You rely on your inventory, so make it easier to manage.

Fuel levels can be viewed from a computer or phone.

Onsite fuel supply: Keep fuel strategically location onsite to refuel equipment as needed. And you can rely on us to keep these tanks full.

The FuelCube can connect to one piece of equipment as a designated supply and still dispense fuel by pump as needed for other equipment at the same time.

Fleet refueling: In remote locations or at your facility, the FuelCube can be fitted to refuel your fleet to save cost and downtime.

Fleet Core Inc. uses only the highest quality fuels, fuel additives and lubricants.

Core Power Premium

Core Power Premium

Technical analysis detailing performance improvement characteristics of Core Power Premium detergent with advanced chemistry that keeps the fuel fresh to use for up to two years.

The new fuel storage problem

The new fuel storage problem

One issue that is directly affecting our industry is increasing inventories, coupled with rapidly decreasing demand. The national “stay in place” policy has reduced fuel consumption significantly, and now many of us have fuel tanks that are not turning over as...