Covid-19 Risk Reduction With On-Site Fueling In Denver

As shelter in place orders continue to increase in the Denver Metro area and along the front range of Colorado, fleets that support the critical infrastructure must continue to operate. Fleet Core is continuing to support those fleets with on-site fueling needs reducing the infection risk to our customers employees.

Our typical customer fleet contains 50 vehicles that are fueled 2-3 times per week. Prior to our on-site fueling services our customers used fleet fueling cards which allowed employees to refuel at C stores and gas stations. With the current pandemic here are the risks. The average C stores has 1100 customer visits per day. The Covid 19 virus can live on gas pump handle materials for 72 hours on the plastic and 48 hours on the stainless steel portion. Two potential transmission risks that each employee experiences on each visit.

On-site fueling reduces this risk by having a single disinfection point for the whole fleet which is our delivery vehicle. We disinfect our vehicles multiple times per day and require all employees to wear the proper head, hand and eye protection. We primarily fuel after hours further reducing the risk of person to person transmission.

Core Power Moisture Control

Core Power Moisture Control

The use of moisture control agents throughout the year can prevent moisture build-up before it becomes a problem.