Brake Cleaner Explanation

Have you ever heard, Brake cleaner is Brake cleaner?

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This month we are featuring a Brake Cleaner explanation.

Have you ever heard, “Brake cleaner is Brake cleaner”? Well technically it’s not. If you have heard that, nine times out of ten they are talking about a brake cleaner that is made of Hexane and IPA. Pretty simple that’s usually what people are talking about. Other types of brake cleaners are made from straight Hexane which can have a weird odor. This type of cleaner is usually preferred by technicians that are using it on really greasy equipment such as excavators, tractors, etc. Along with the odor you will also see a delayed dry time simply because it doesn’t contain IPA. To accomplish the same results the two listed above you can use a brake cleaner with Heptane and not Hexane, pretty much the same result, minus the potential unwanted odor. And last but not least there’s a Chlorinated products out there. Be careful with this bad boy it does have methanol, don’t get me wrong it will clean like no other but will fade plastics, paint, etc.

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